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B&Q Fraud

Some examples of fraud committed against the B&Q DIY chain.

Many retailers are targeted by organised retail crime gangs, who exploit a retailerss vulnerabilities in order to dishonestly obtain vast sums of money through theft and fraud.

In some retailers cases remain undetected, but others have teams of specialists who are adept at finding the cases through data mining vast quantities of data, and closure by gathering evidence and targeting resources.

Here's a selection of interesting fraud cases involving perpetrators targeting B&Q.

Fraudsters Jailed for Huge B&Q Swindle Fraudsters Jailed for Huge B&Q Swindle - Sentencing the three men at Preston Crown Court, the judge said that in operating their long-running scam involving refunds on goods stolen from B&Q they had taken advantage of "the excellent consumer policy of a major chain of stores". .
B&Q Receipt Fraud Millionaire Shoplifter - Keith Caslte would steal goods from branches of B&Q before fabricating receipts and returning the items to obtain a refund.
B&Q Boss stole 13K B&Q Boss Stole A dishonest boss at a Coventry DIY store stole stock worth more than 13,000 to sell on eBay, a court heard. Stuart King was a trusted and long-serving senior member of staff at B&Qs Binley store.
B&Q Barcode Scam B&Q Bar Code Scam The B&Q Fraud team uncovered a sophisticated scam involving fake barcodes. They successfully uncovered the plot, built up a case, arrested the perpetrator, and acted as witnesses during the high profile prosecution.
B&Q Worker stole 4500 B&Q Worker Stole - A B&Q shop assistant has been given a suspended prison sentence after stealing nearly 4,500 from the Ipswich store where he worked..
B&Q Thief Jailed B&Q Gang get Two Years - A gang of thieves targeted B&Q stores, including Huddersfield, in a cunning operation which saw them get away with thousands of pounds worth of showers and DIY goods.
B&Q Gang Jailed B&Q Gang get - In a strike carried out by GMPs Tactical Firearms Unit on in August, a Ford Mondeo car was parked outside the B & Q superstore and four men were arrested at the scene and found to be carrying a knife, a shotgun, a gas powered firearm, as well as gloves and balaclavas.