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Although high speed broadband is very much taken for granted today, go back 15 years or so most households (if they had Internet access) were on low speed dial up connections.

You paid for your call to the ISP like any other telephone call, in pence per minute. Using the Internet for any length of time was costly even off peak, but during the day it was ridiculously expensive.

Some companies came up with freefone number deals for a flat monthly fee, and my Internet usage made this the most cost effective solution.

The package came with a free domain name, so was born.

Self taught HTML with expert help from dedicated Usenet groups meant that the website was soon up and running.

Way Back Machine shows what the website looked like in 2001. You can also see other versions in 2005, and not much had changed in 2010 .

The current version was published in Spring 2015.

The intention behind the site was simply as a web portal to bring together collections of the stuff I was currently engaged with. When I was working for Marks & Spencer and was looking for a higher paid role in Profit Protection elsewhere, I threw together a Profit Protection Recruitment page. Within months it was top for some obvious search terms, and the page was attracting a lot of traffic (and I used it the find my next role).

Continuing that theme I carried on adding pages such as the TomTom downloads page, which I wrote for myself to pull together the best sites for downloading customisations such as voices and POI's for my TomTom SatNav. Again, the page rose to the top of the search engines and attracted lots of traffic.

Hopefully you found something useful here, and will check back soon. Thanks for visiting.