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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to place adverts and links on your websites which your website visitors will find useful.

There are three main structures for commission:'Pay Per Click' (PPC), 'Pay Per Impression' (PPM - M being 1000 impressions) , and 'Pay Per Sale'.

Google Adsense is probably the best solution for PPC and PPM, whilst there are several big players in the market for pay per sale type affiliate programs. The main advice I can give here is that if you run a website about a particular niche, search out affiliate programs for companies selling products your customers will find useful. As as example if your website is about keeping fish, affiliate links to companies selling fish keeping equipment and fish food are likely to be successful, whereas ads for financial products may be less so.

PPC adverts from the likes of Google Adsense have an even more interesting twist. They match the ads to both the content of your website, and to the browsing history of your website visitor (called 'contextual advertising').

Thus it's likely that if a visitor has searched out your fish keeping website, but was previously searching for a new house, they'll see a mix of fishkeeping ads and ads for mortgages, estate agents and house purchase related services. Click through (therefore revenue) rates will be high, and the ads will benefit your visitors.

This video will give you some examples of how to implement an affiliate program, and further down you'll find all the best affiliate sites available in the UK.

Commision Junction Commission Junction (CJ) are one of the biggest players in the affiliate marketing industry. Lots of huge UK companies use CJ as their affiliate partner.
Google Adsense The Google Adsense program is a must have partner on any website. You should expect about a 5% click through ratio, and revenues will depend on the type of advertiser that bids for space on your site.
TradeDoubler Trade Doubler is a strong performer in performance marketing.
Affiliate Window Affiliate Window has many big UK retailers on it's books. It bought the '' affiliate a few years ago..
affilinet Affinet is has one or two big UK retailers, and also lots of lesser known name trying to increase their market share, with high commision for sales.
Amazon Associates The Amazon Associates program allows you to promote any product sold be Amazon, and has great ways of creating attractive links, and also pays a good rate of commission.
Performance In Forums The Perfomance In website forum is a great place to read the views of others making money by monetising their websites. The main Performance In website is also packed with lots of valuable information.

Affiate market as a publisher allows you to monetise your website and earn money whilst adding value for your visitors. Done properly, affiliate marketing creates a win-win situation for you, the affiliate marketing company, the product advertiser, and most importantly the website visitor. For more info see these books:-