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Alkaline Diet

5:2 Diet

5:2 Diet

The principles behind the 5 2 diet have been studied since the 1940's, but it was the BBC Horizon program broadcast in 2012 which really started the modern 5-2 diet craze.

The basic concept of the 5:2 Diet is for two days a week you 'fast'.

Fasting in this diet doesn't mean eating or drinking nothing. With the 5 2 diet you restrict you food and drinks to a total of 500 calories for a woman, 600 calories for a man, on your fasting days.

On the other days of the week you eat normally.

This diet is popular for one very good reason; if weight loss is your goal, it really works. I know.

Other benefits of claimed by this diet include reduction in cholesterol levels, better blood-sugar control, anti-aging and a longer life.

Further down the page you'll find some great 5 2 diet resources, and this video gives a great explanation.


The Fast Diet The Fast Diet website explains the principles, has tons of recipes, but most importantly has a vast online forum which is fantastic community for support with the 5:2 Diet.
BBC Diet If finding tasty recipes for your restricted days is a problem, check out the BBC Intermittent Diet Food Collection webpage which has loads of delicious low calorie recipes.
Facebook 5:2 Diet The Facebook 5:2 Diet Page is full of 5:2 Diet tips, inspiration and recipes. It's actually the Facebook page of another great resource,