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Herbs and Health

Commonly available herbs have some really powerful and positive medicinal benefits. Many have been used for centuries, with knowledge passed down the generations.

Modern medical practice involves lots of new and complex drug treatments which can be very expensive and have bad side effects.

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals for use as medications. The is a multibillion pound industy, making vast profits. Research tends to focus on areas of profit, and the output of this research is therefore unlikely to find that we'd be better off taking a freely available herb instead.

Some of the most commonly used herbs have the most amazing health benefits. Here's just a few examples

Ginger - Ginger reduces aches and pains, both from arthritis and also from excersise and sports. Ginger also reduces nausea, helps with period pains, relieves high blood pressure and may prevent certain types of cancer.
Fennel - - Fennel help with arthritis, gout, flatulence and also boosts the immune system.