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Mystery Shopping

Imagine being paid to go shopping. There are many retail outlets who use the services of mystery shopping companies - and all you need to do to get paid is sign up online to become a mystery shopper. There's no commitment, and you only do the specific mystery shops to apply for and are then assigned to.

A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real customer whilst assessing customer service levels provided by a company or organisation.

A typical assignment might be to visit a coffee shop or cafe. There will be a specific scenario which you must follow, and the client will have a detailed questionaire which you'll need to complete. The scenario instructions will specify what you must buy and the maximum spend. In a coffee shop scenario you might have to spend around 5. Once completed you submit a photo of your receipt with the questionaire online. You'll be re-imbursed what you've spent, plus the rate for that specific job, which for a 15 minute coffee shop visit might be 5 - 7.

For more complex tasks which are more time consuming you might get paid 25 per job.

If the idea of being paid to visit a pub to have a drink and a meal, with your receipt re-imbursed, in retail for accurately report on quality and service appeals to you, join any or all of the programs below.

A quick note of caution though, the are some mystery shopping scams out there. No reputable company requires a fee to register. The links below are to reputable test purchase and mystery shopper companies.

This video will give you some insight into mystery shopping, and further down you'll find all the best mystery shopper sites available in the UK.

React Surveys React Surveys is a established company which is part of Lodge Service group of companies. Sign up is straight-forward, and they have lots of test purchase and mystery shopper work in most areas.
Market Force Market Force are one of the UK's leading customer experience improvement agency providing Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Consumer Panel Surveys, Retail & POS Audits. Market Force also offer some great assignments if you travel regularly by rail or air.
Mystery Shoppers Ltd Mystery Shoppers has lots of interesting assignment which includes banks, car dealerships and estate agents.