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This area of the website is where I put all the stuff I can't find a home for in the categories in the menu above.


Cricket Game - Ashes Bash - can you beat the challenges set is this online cricket game?

Blast Billiards - Online billiards with a difference.

Backyard Shootout - Shoot the bad guys but avoid the good guys.

Volley Challenge - The most visited game. In comes the cross, can you put it in the back of the net?


Wisbech War Pictures - taken November 11th 1940, after a lone German bomber missed the gasworks but destroyed houses in Albany Road, Wisbech.

A short History of Wisbech - a really well written history of Wisbech.

Flight Radar - A Flight Radar map showing positions of aircraft. If you regularly see aircraft above you, and wonder where they are flying to, this page is for you. More to follow...........