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High Purine Foods

Some people are very sensitive to the purine content in food. This is because purines converts into uric acid after digestion. Uric Acid should be expelled by the kidneys, but for some, the excess uric acid build up in the blood and causes problems including arthritis, particularly gouty arthritis. Many health practitioners recommend that anyone with Gout and other uric acid related conditions should stick to a low purine diet.

A couple of easy things to avoid are any foods containing high fructose corn syrup, and (unfortunately) also beer.

low purine diet This low purine diet plan on the website lists very simply what you need to eat and drink more of and less of to drastically cut your purine intake.
SFgate low purine diet The SFgate website is another useful resource with low purine diet information. Interesting they mention limiting wheatbran and oats.
wikipedia If you want to know more about the science behind purines, the Wikipedia Purine page has some excellent information including their chemistry, histoty of dicovery in addition to high purine source foods.