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Free TomTom Utilities, TomTom Voices and Downloads

One of the best features of the TomTom range of In Car SatNav systems is the ease of customisation. There's a wealth of voices and POI files available

This page was created to help add new voices and POI (Points of Interest) to the TomTom SatNav. Points of Interest help you find what you are looking for easily and quickly. For example, if you are a business traveller, your company may have given you a Shell Fuel Card and you may frequently use Premier Travel Inns. It would therefore make perfect sense for you to download the Shell POI file , and the Premier Travel Inn POI file. You'll then be able to plan your journey by "FIND>POI>POIin City>(type city)>Premier Travel Inn."

There are lots of free downloads available for the TomTom GPS or SatNav, including free TomTom voices, maps, POI and utilities to make your car journey better. Some TomTom's are supplied with an external SD card, but it's probably only 32mb, enough to support the files TomTom gave you with the package.

To get more from your TomTom, you can copy the files from the original TomTom card, to your own 2GB SD card so you can add many more POI files, Voices and Graphics. (Ensure you keep the original TomTom SD card safe)

TomTom Free TomTomFree - The excellent TomTomFree website has all the free downloads you could ever want.
GPS Data Team The GPS Data Team website has an excellent TomTom section with TomTom Voices, Colour Schemes, Splash Screens, POI Editors, POI Managers, converters and much more, all for the TomTom format.
Pocket GPS World Pocket GPS World has stacks of TomTom POI's including the UK speed camera database to ensure your car or lorry license stays safe. It also boasts an array of very well used TomTom members forums, and over 200,000 pages of useful TomTom information, and probably THE leading SatNav forum with over 450,000 subscribers.
MySatNav Info he MySatNav.Info website has pages relating to NavMan, Garmin and TomTom - voices, POI files, Downloads and information. There are also news stories related to SatNav. There are some great TomTom voices for download including David Beckham TomTom voice, and TomTom Knight rider Kitt voice .