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Useful Stuff

Anything particularly useful or helpful has been added here.

Some are pages hosted here with useful resources such as a BMI Calculator and a broadband speed test.

Free Website Templates - This new page has stack of resources to find the right free template for your website.

Rats in the Loft or Garden? - useful information to help you get rid of rats.

News Feeds - Breaking news from various sources on a page.

Others are links to some of the best free software available and other useful resources.

HTML Kit Free This website was hand coded using the awesome and free version of HTML Kit. HTML Kit build 292 is still available for free.
Coffee Cup Free FTP Another amazing freebie piece of software is Coffeecup FTP which is a powerful but simple to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program, used to transfer all thenon HTML files (such as images) on this website.
Personality Test This free personality test will give you you basic Briggs Myers four letter score (E.g INTP) and explains your pernonality and how you appear to others. A great tool to help you develop.
Screwfix is popular with thousands of tradesmen and DIYers due to the wide range of products offered. Currently, there are over 23,000 products available online, including power tools, hand tools, plumbing, electrical, screws, fixings, kitchens and bathrooms.