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Free Usenet Servers

Usenet is a world wide distributed internet discussion system. There are literally tens of thousands of groups covering every diverse subject you can think of. The groups are commonly called News Groups.

For example, the news group UK.SCI.WEATHER is a UK orientated group covering scientific discussion of the weather, whereas UK.REC.GARDENING is full of discussion about gardening.

Usenet covers absolutely every diverse subject you can think of.

To read usenet you'll need a newsreader programme. Many email programmes actually have a Usenet reader built in. The excellent (and free) Mozilla Thunderbird has a built in news reader.

XS Usenet XS Usenet is a great place to start if you want to try Usenet for free. With the free service you can't post, and messages are only retained for 10 days. If you already know that Usenet is for you, they have a range of monthly packages, the most expensive is all singing and all dancing for only 9.99 monthly (currenly about 7.50 in UK money), and there are four other cheaper packages.